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Current Litter Pictures


"Irish" Litter Magic x Blaze - Born March 17th!






More pictures will be forthcoming!

Unfortunately, I can not claim photography as one of my talents but I hope this gives you a "peek" at pups!


Puppies will begin to go to their new homes the first week of May!


The current litter theme is "Irish".  If the new owners desire to register the puppy with AKC the expectation is to use a name with an Irish Name or Slogan.  This is not a requirement as AKC's position is registration does not constitute proof of ownership. 

The microchip is much more important as it also identifies the dog.


Registered Name Examples:


Claircrest Top Of The World To You

Claircrest  The Strength of Three 

Claircrest Good Luck Be With You

Claircrest Luck Of The Irish


Any other name you can think of that has Claircrest and the "charm" word in it!


Puppy adoption will be $1,400.00 with a $500 deposit.  You may send a check or send via Paypal friends.  Deposits are not refundable should the home decide against a puppy.  However, if the timing for some unexepected reason does not work the deposit can be applied to the next litter available.  Paypal is or a check to Nickie Hertzog, 17609 19st Street, Pleasant Hill, MO  64080


The adoption contract will include:


Buy back clause and first right of refusal.

Limited registration and spay or neuter agreement including a no breeding clause.

First rate quality of care for the dog including not allowing the dog to become overweight, nails and grooming performed regularly, training for a Canine Good Citizen, and other quality of life care issues.

Physically fenced  yard and adequate containment and shelter when outside.

Breeder kept up to date on whereabouts of the dog's home.

State of Missouri jurisdiction

Requirement to try and use Royal Canin products

Penalty fee should breeder feel it necessary to take action on the dog's behalf.

Health testing such as but not limited to hip, elbow, eye and heart evaluations after 2 years of age.


Instructions and Information


Health Certificate(s)


Blaze Clearances


Magic Clearances


Adoption Contract



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